Call for contributions

Strengthening the collaboration with Society and Communities, as a whole, while promoting the individual educational and professional pathways is a challenge that nowadays individuals, enterprises and higher education institutions face. But to generate wellbeing conditions for Life should be the ultimate goal of these processes.

The stakeholders involved and collaborating with Universities need to address transversal and oriented competencies to the labour market as well as make an effort towards the increase of consistency of the knowledge behind the competences, so a coherent educational and professional background is produced. Learning throughout life, an inclusive life trajectory can be achieved in a joyful, comfortable and sustainable way.

The 51st eucen conference would like to address these challenges through the following overarching themes:

1. Wellbeing in a Digital Age

2. Enabling Livelihoods

3. Active Citizenship and Humanity Engagement

and to promote the discussion on:

» content, competences, basic and transversal skills,

» literacy both at societal and scientific levels,

» guidance and counselling,

» innovative efficient teaching and learning methodologies,

» validation and permeability,

» inclusive practices

Target groups

All people involved or planning to be involved in University Lifelong Learning programmes: ULLL managers, university staff, decision-makers, professors, researchers, partners from private and public institutions, professional bodies, career counsellors, society actors, business stakeholders, employers, …

Conference themes

1. Wellbeing in a digital age
In this strand we want to focus on the role of IT and digitalisation skills development as an essential part of citizens’ capacity building for further and higher education and labour market opportunities.

We welcome contributions linked to:
» Digitalisation competences acquisition
» Technology Enhanced learning
» Learning and teaching at distance

2. Enabling Livelihoods
In this strand we want to focus on different academic education and professional occupations profiles to identify effective practices and research findings that contribute to enhance how these two relevant factors can interact in order to promote quality of Life.

We welcome contributions linked to:
» Higher Education Vocational Education and Training
» Academic Qualification and Professional routes: Permeability
» Continuing Professional development routes

3. Active Citizenship and Humanity Engagement
In this strand we want to focus on the learners’ life trajectory and their need of support when a new chapter opens in their lives. Namely, how can they deal with society and economic changes accommodating them in their expectations and aspirations in an active citizenship way.

We welcome contributions linked to:
» University engagement in the development of active citizenship
» Societal implications for ULLL
» Entrepreneurship and employability

Call for contributions

You can download the full Call for Contributions from this link Please fill in the online form and submit it (click here) – if you do not receive an acknowledgement in 48 hours, please contact us at

Your abstract can be submitted for one of two types of contribution:
(i) oral presentations in one of the parallel sessions;
(ii) poster exhibition that will take place throughout the conference – note: posters will not be orally presented.

Full papers may be submitted and will be peer reviewed to decide for acceptance and on-line publication on the eucen eJournal of ULLL, ISSN 2616-6674.

Important dates

» Call will close on Fri 29 March 2019

» Scientific Committee will send feedback to authors by Fri 05 April 2019 (i.e. in the case the closing date is extended, this deadline will be also reviewed)

» Deadline to register with the Early Bird reduced fee is TUE 30 April 2019 (updated) (online form available here)

» Deadline to submit your full paper (if invited to do so) is Fri 23 May 2019. Non-registered authors will not be able to publish their full paper in the eJournal of ULLL

» Deadline to register with standard fee is Mon 24 May 2019

Scientific Committee

Françoise de Viron | President of eucen
Yusuf Halefoglu | member of the SC Committe of eucen
Lucília Santos | member of the SC Committe of eucen, Conference host
Manuel Assunção | University of Aveiro, external expert
Maria Eugénia Pereira | University of Aveiro, university LLL expert